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Be Naked Cleansing Brush

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Let's strip naked of impurities and keep eye infections away! The Be Naked Cleansing Brush is specially designed to clean lashes with our Be Naked Cleansers to effectively and gently cleanse away accumulated bacteria and make up left on the lashes and eyelid. An amazing retail item for your clients to take home and great to use during application. Trust us, clean lashes will never go out of style!

How to use:

Pump Be Naked Cleanser into cap or directly onto a Be Naked Cleansing Brush. Using a downward stroke, start from the base of the lashes to the tip. For a deeper cleanse, gently lather in a circular motions around your lashes and eye lids. Rinse eyes with warm water and tap lashes dry. Finish off by gently brushing your lashes. Cleanse and let air dry completely after each use.