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Be Naked After Care Set

Everything you (and your lashes) could ever need to feel beautiful and refreshed are found inside our NEW Be Naked Starter Kit! This perfect package deal includes our full Be Naked Collection specifically designed for lash care, and complete with a FREE LBLA Cosmetic Bag in our signature teal shade. We designed this starter kit to equip you with professional grade products able to empower you with luscious lash health and salon quality experience anywhere you go. These products are composed of oil-free, lightweight, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory formulas to prevent Blepharitis and Conjunctivitis so you can live your best lash life!

Micellar Water: This restorative eyelid cleanser preps AND protects your eye area as the first hydrating step of your lash care routine. Our lightweight peptide-infused formula removes impurities, make-up, and residue to replenish your sensitive eye skin with the necessary levels of hydration to sustain radiance.

Cleansing Foam: A refreshing pH balanced foam cleanser to effectively cleanse away accumulated buildup left on the lashes and eyelid. With a unique blend of Sage, Calendula and Cucumber Extracts to improve the skin barrier, and infused with Tea Tree Extract, this formula delivers soothing antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cleansing Gel: This silky oil-free gel cleanser is designed to gently remove bacteria left on the lashes and lash-line from makeup and oil residue. The gel can stand alone as a daily medicinal eye wash treatment for eyes prone to infection, or as a weekend deep-clean for optimal eye health and vitality!

Contour Eye Patches: Add a touch of luxury to your routine with these regenerative eye masks that provide essential moisture to your delicate under eye skin. Instantly de-puffs and brightens the look of tired eyes while diminishing the appearance of fine lines in under 15 minutes!