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Be Naked Micellar Water

Be Naked Micellar Water is a restorative eyelid cleanser that has been specifically designed to clean and protect your eye area while staying perfectly safe for eyelash extensions. This lightweight, oil-free, lash strengthening formula removes impurities, make-up, residue and build up. Micellar Water provides your skin with the necessary levels of hydration and energy to keep it looking radiant. This peptide infused formula conditions and supports natural eyelash and eyebrow growth with natural plant extracts that condition and restore for a healthy skin barrier. Great for all skin types. Signature Arnica Extract delivers antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin and promote eye health. Trust us, clean lashes will never go out of style!

How to Use:
Use as step 1 in your daily routine. Apply Micellar Water on a lint free pad, Breakup With Your Makeup Cleansing Mitt or Cleansing Brush. Apply on the skin around the eye, eyelid, and brows to remove makeup residue. Repeat until the skin and lashes are clean.