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Curved Lash Fiber Tip Applicator

Color: Teal & Gold
Teal & Gold

Your favorite lash applicator is now UPGRADED with fiber-grip tip technology. This no-fuss, precision applicator with cutting-edge etching inside the tip helps you apply your strip lashes with surgical-grade German Stainless Steel for ease, durability, and ultimate control. The consistent closure when pressure is applied keeps lashes firmly in place, while rounded tips at the top help you stay unconcerned about sharp objects near delicate eyes. (Doubles as the best brow tweezer ever- we won't tell if you don't!)

Use these for all your false lash needs - from picking the lashes out of their case to holding them while applying adhesive to applying the lid. Keep the tip wiped from lash adhesive after applying/ clamping, and wash frequently for the best results!