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Lash Retoucher

Color: Black
For false lashes and lash segments ONLY. Not for use on eyelash extensions.

Bring your falsies back to life with Lash Retoucher! Our waterproof and transfer-resistant formula gives you a fresh, just-applied voluminous mascara look any time. With this innovative game changer, foundations, concealers, and eyeshadow fallout don’t stand a chance!

Pair it with your Lace it Up Lashes or Tease False Lashes for a flawless look, or use as an alternative to mascara when wearing falsies for a seamless blend from naturals to strips. Lash Retoucher is ideal to use on inner and outer corners where makeup transfer is most common.

How To Use with Lace it Up or Tease strip lashes:
  • To make your falsies black again, run the soft swab-tip of Lash Retoucher along the bottom of the lashes to remove the look of any residual makeup or build-up.
  • Use the bristle brush to run through the length of lashes and at the tips to bring your lashes back to black.