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Precision Bond Black Lash Adhesive

Color: Black
Precision Bond - Black Lash Adhesive
Apply LBLA Cosmetics' strip lashes with ease. The Black Lash Adhesive glides on like eyeliner and dries like glue. Perfect for those with dark lashes to mimic a natural lash line and to hide the lash band. Its strong, long-lasting, latex and formaldehyde-free formula is suitable even for sensitive eyes and for an all day glamorous wear.

How to use: Start by applying a light coat of Black Lash Adhesive onto the lash strip band and wait for 30 seconds. Gently place your lash strip onto the base of your natural lashes. Secure with a lash applicator or your fingertips. Repeat with the other eye. 
Care: To remove the false lashes, gently pull the bands of the lash strip from the  inner to outer corners of the eye. Remove any excess adhesive by gently wiping the lash band and your lash line with a clean micro- swab dipped in micellar water. Store adhesive laying down.