FAQ Test

How are these different from strip lashes?
Lace it Up segments are similar to mini sections of strip lashes, but also totally different. They have an ultra-soft and fine band that holds the lashes together in multi-dimensional segments. Unlike strips, they are placed under the lash line for undetectable wear and extra comfort. You can also wear them longer than strip lashes, 3 to 7 days with proper care, since they aren’t attached directly to the skin, but to the natural lashes.
How are they different from cluster lashes I can buy at the drugstore?
Our segments have much softer, more flexible bands than drugstore clusters, with lash fibers of the highest quality. With Lace It Up segments, you can achieve a bold, beautiful, voluminous look with just one layer, whereas cheaper drugstore brands require two or more layers to get a similar effect. These are specifically crafted to be placed and worn under the lash line, with no uncomfortable or irritating plastic bands poking your delicate skin.
How are these different from professional eyelash extensions?
Professional lash extensions are hand-made and placed on one individual natural lash at a time with a professional adhesive that bonds them to each natural lash permanently. They are meant to be worn continuously with ‘fills’ to replace fallen or lost lashes. Our Lace It Up segments are attached to sections of multiple natural lashes at a time with a flexible adhesive that wears up to a week, instead of permanently. Lace It Up segments are not ever meant to be used with professional lash extension adhesive, and must be removed and replaced every 3 to 7 days to ensure beautiful results and healthy lashes.
How long can I wear them?
Anywhere from one day, up to 7 depending on how you care for them! We find most users prefer to wear them for 3 to 5 days.

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