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Welcome to the most exciting addition to the lash family - brought to you by the leaders in the industry. Cruelty-free lash collections to change the game.


Tease Vegan Mink 5D Collection

These 100% Cruelty-free Mink lashes are the perfect option in comfort and wear for when you need lash-impact, and need it now. Extremely soft and perfectly finished fibers from base to tip will make you wonder if they really are real fur, but they're not! These 5D multidimensional ultra-fluffy multi layered lashes will take you from zero to glam in no time flat with an impressive range of styles to fit any mood! What’s more, they have been specially created with a soft-covered cotton band that guarantees comfort that lasts for 15 wears when used with care. Enhance your natural beauty and dive into the beautiful world of Vegan Mink!

Tease Faux Mink 3D Collection

When you're in the mood to add just a little oomph, or some drop-dead drama to your everyday look, Lashbox LA's 3D multi-layered lashes will do the trick.Created from the highest quality synthetics, these flexible and long-lasting lashes look professional and mimic the luxurious feel of mink while staying completely cruelty-free! What's more, this cost effective option lasts for up to 15 wears when used with care. Take your natural beauty to new heights!