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Be Naked After Care Set

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Keep lashes healthy and salon ready with our Be Naked Holiday Kit. Scientifically developed antibacterial lash aftercare that dramatically enhances retention while preventing lash infections. Incorporate spa-like, botanically enriched products into your daily lash routine. This holiday season, enjoy clean, healthy, long-lasting lashes no matter how much makeup you wear. Your natural lashes will thank you! Perfect for your salon retail or gifting, the Be Naked Kit is a must have for lash loving professionals or clients.
Kit Includes:
  • Be Naked Restorative Cleansing Foam
  • Be Naked Micellar Water
  • Be Naked Cleansing Brush
Free Gift with Purchase:
Break Up with Your Makeup Wipes - Travel Size and Beauty Bag

Micellar Water: This restorative eyelid cleanser preps AND protects your eye area as the first hydrating step of your lash care routine. Our lightweight peptide-infused formula removes impurities, make-up, and residue to replenish your sensitive eye skin with the necessary levels of hydration to sustain radiance.

Cleansing Foam: A refreshing pH balanced foam cleanser to effectively cleanse away accumulated buildup left on the lashes and eyelid. With a unique blend of Sage, Calendula and Cucumber Extracts to improve the skin barrier, and infused with Tea Tree Extract, this formula delivers soothing antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Be Naked Brush: Let's strip naked of impurities and keep eye infections away! The Be Naked Cleansing Brush is specially designed to clean lashes with our Be Naked Cleansers to effectively and gently cleanse away accumulated bacteria and make up left on the lashes and eyelid. An amazing retail item for your clients to take home and great to use during application. Trust us, clean lashes will never go out of style!