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Bottom Line Mascara


Perfect bottom lashes, every time. This mascara was perfectly formulated to be paired with eyelash extensions! No, not on top of them, but as a compliment to them! Our LBLA bottom lash mascara creates the lower lash line you want, without the maintenance of getting bottom lashes or the transfer and build-up that comes with traditional mascaras. Our perfectly tiny precision brush gives you control over your look with a buildable, oil-free, intelligent formula that isn't technically waterproof ('cause we need to wash those babies!) but is smudge-proof and won't build up on upper lashes. Ideal for a wide-eyed customizable look that doesn't affect the retention of your upper lash extensions. No more panda eyes, just perfect lower lashes!

For a lighter, more natural look, apply mascara by gently wiping the wand down along your natural lower lash growth. Add a layer (or 3!) for a slightly bolder look.

For a more dramatic appearance, apply mascara in a side-to side motion across the lower lashes. This will create a piecier, "spikier" look that is also buildable.

Use the tip of the mascara wand to style lashes and give individual lashes precise direction.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Excellent for lash extensions too!

This mascara can be used on lash extensions and washes off easily with mild soap. My lash tech taught me this trick. Love this product!

the best bottom last mascara i've ever used

I haven't seen anything like this on the market and they are lash extension safe! My prayers have been answered!!!

I received a sample and fell in love with the product.!!

This is an excellent product for anyone that can barely see their eyelashes. My bottom lashes are fine and very light colored. Until I used this, I didn't realize that I had so many lashes. The brush made it very easy to apply at the base and reach each individual lash. Gives me a little eyeliner effect as well.

Super lengthening!

I can't live without this mascara. The precision brush gets every single lash!


I never seen any thing like this mascara. The tiny, thin wands is soo perfect for your bottom lashes and it doesn't mess up your extensions.

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