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Lash Sealant

Let’s be honest, lash adhesive is, well… sticky, and it absolutely should be to do the job right. Thankfully, Lash Sealant is here to get you out of a sticky situation and even prevent them for you in the future! A multitasker by creation, this gift of a beauty product not only works with your Lace It Up Lashes or False Lashes, but also acts as a mascara primer and a brow tamer.
  • Our unique Lash Sealant also creates a protective barrier to repel dust and dirt, and buildup from oils, sweat, and pollutants
  • Easy to apply—no clumping, no fuss, no mess

How to Use:
To use with Lace It Up lashes or False Lashes: Apply lashes as usual, then run the soft swab-tip of Lash Sealant along the bottom or top of the false lashes to remove any residual stickiness and prolong the life of the lashes. If desired, apply a sealant to the inside of the applicator before squeezing the lashes together to bond. Pro Tip: Also great to use as mascara primer and a brow tamer.