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Precision Bond Duo Lash Adhesive

Applying LBLA Cosmetics’ Lace It Up Lashes has never been easier with Precision Duo Bond. The Black Lash Adhesive like a mascara and dries like glue for perfect under & over -lash bonding. Use the Clear Lash Adhesive when needed for extra grip or to touch up inner and outer corners throughout wear. The strong, long-lasting, latex and formaldehyde-free formula is suitable even for sensitive eyes and multiple-day glamorous wear.

How to:
Begin with fresh, clean lashes. Apply one coat of the Lash Bonder under your top lashes as you would apply mascara, focusing on the base of the lashes. Using your Lash Applicator, pick up one Lace it Up segment and apply. You can apply bonder on the base of the lash segment for extra grip.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Es el mejor pegamento del mundo. No se como pude vivir tanto tiempo sin el. Es súper fácil de trabajar, lo pones en tus pestañas y te da tiempo para aplicar las extensiones. Es espectacular

Lash Adhesive

I am a lash artist and rarely have time to tend to my own beauty services. This product is a god send along with the lashes. I can stay beautiful with my girls also. Another benefit is they last for up to a week! And I remove them with micellar water, and do a lash bath. Everyone needs to buy this bundle. ✨

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