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Be Naked Regenerating Eye Contour Masks - 5 Pairs

Instantly de-puffs and brightens the look of tired eyes while diminishing the appearance of fine lines. Set of 5 (5 applications)

Add a touch of luxury to any lash service. Regeneration Eye Contour Masks provide the essential moisture your skin needs after a lash application. Our gentle, revitalizing eye masks, soothes and hydrates delicate under-eyes. Made with stretchable material to adhere snugly to the eye area without slipping. Perfect for any eye shape.

HOW TO USE : Gently remove eye masks from the tray and apply to clean, dry under-eyes. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Can be used after a lash treatment or anytime you need a quick boost. Masks are to be discarded after each use. PRO TIP : Place Masks in the refrigerator before applying for a cool, refreshing sensation.

Hyaluronic acid is our main claim.
Chondrus crispus - Seaweed - is a nutrient-rich seaweed that contains the pigment beta-carotene and potent antioxidants zeaxanthin and lutein, which help protect skin from the visible effects of blue light exposure.
Gardenia Florida extract. - contains high concentrations of flavonoids and ferulic acid, which serve as antioxidants.
Honeysuckle Flower Extract - A plant extract that functions as a skin-soothing agent. It is a very good source of flavonoids and saponins, constituents that occur in many plants and convey antioxidant benefits.
Yarrow Flower Extract -Yarrow is particularly beneficial in reducing inflammation; it's effective in speeding healing, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, improving skin softness, and keeping the skin free from bacteria that can lead to breakouts.
Orange Flower Extract - Brightens dull skin, combats the signs of aging

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Best eye masks on the market!

I have never came across eye masks that show results instantly! I love applying them 20 min before doing my makeup, makes my under eye concealer look smooth and creaseless. They have a good amount of product on each patch preventing them from sliding off. Highly recommend to purchase for big events or simply if you need a picky me up every morning!


I wish that I could put these amazing pink patches of love all over my body! They make my eyes feels so soft, plump, dewy, and hydrated! I put them on every morning and within minutes I already can visibly see and feel a huge difference. My clients are loving them too!

Feels Amazing!

These eye masks have a cooling sensation that feels so good after a long days work. I almost fell asleep with them on they were so comfortable!


These masks really gave real results. They felt nice on the skin and I have very sensitive skin and my skin loved it! I felt refreshed and my under eyes were de-puffed and like lifted. Used them in the morning when I woke up and during my hair and makeup application.

I'm a believer!

Really not one to buy self care items for myself. Masks, clay masks, roller neck things. But these were gifted to me and HOLY SMOKES. They. Work. I had a poor night's sleep so I slapped these puppies on after refrigerating them for a few minutes and there was a discernable difference in the puffiness below my eyes. It was liked I got 7 hours of sleep rather than 3. LBLA is so on my radar now. I'm already out of my eye masks. LBLA take my money! -Val M.

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