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Lace It Up - Naturally Wispy


Our newNatural wispy effect segments take your lashes to new lengths with the most comfortable long-wearunder & over lash application system. Easy to apply and delivers comfortable, perfectly attached lashes - that look like extensions.Ideal for an everyday look and wear, these light-weight but lengthy lashes offer a less dramatic effect than the original Lace It Up lashes to look flawless even on sparse lash lines. Each segment of Lace It Up lashes is its own little masterpiece of multidimensional high quality fibers - pre-made just for you.Their soft covered cotton band allows for unparalleled comfort and a seamless, truly undetectable lookand extended wear.Suitable for avid false lash wearers who crave lightweight length and subtle definition with in-home salon quality!

Lace It Up lashes are meant to be applied from under & over the natural lashes, instead of on top of the skin like traditional strips. They can be worn for 3 to 7 days at a time with minimal maintenance, meaning you just became your very own lash artist! This system works together to give you customizable lash sets in less time, and for way less money. Allow yourself to get creative by mixing and matching curls, lengths, and textures, or use our handy “Lash Maps” for a roadmap to a specific look. Simply apply the length and curl suggested in the map to each area of your eye for a final look that will even make lash extension artists wonder if you are sporting extensions!

The system includes a special lash glue that is applied like mascara to bond each individual cluster flawlessly. Paired with the specially created applicator, you can apply these lashes in just a little more time than your normal mascara routine takes! Take your lashes to new heights and let them speak volumes with Lace It Up lashes, your sexy little secret!

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